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Possessing a Ph.D. in marketing and working on numerous research projects gives Dr. Bacile some unique perspectives within the discipline. He is a talented and entertaining presenter who has performed speaking engagements on various topics related to numerous marketing areas.


Topics include Google Analytics, how customers find a site and engage with a brand, search engines, paid search marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and the pitfalls and successes of using social media to hurt or improve a person's "personal brand". He has presented at industry conferences, trade shows, corporate events, and at job/recruiting related events. Living in the New Orleans area makes him an attractive speaker for any events taking place within the Big Easy. You can contact him to inquire about his schedule and speaking fees for your event.

Google Analytics

How do customers find your site? What is the demographic and psychographic makeup of your site's visitors? What pages or actions do visitors perform on your site? What are your site's goals and how often do visitors convert? What type of campaigns are you using (e.g., tracking email marketing clicks, social media posts, different versions of ads) that produce high-quality web traffic? These are a few of the insights provided by Google Analytics.  

Your online

When someone "Google's" your name, what comes up in the search results? If a person peruses your Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Instagram posts and content, what mental image do they form of you? These results and mental perceptions of you help to form your personal online brand. And unfortunately, many people are destroying their brand with inappropriate social media posts.

negative online reviews

Have you received a negative online review and you don't know what to do about it or if it is hurting your business? This is a topic Dr. Bacile has presented on to business owners. Through a collection of academic studies and anecdotal research, he helps clarify how influential different types of reviews are, as well as some best practices as to how you can properly address negative reviews.


With the proliferation of consumers now complaining on brands' Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages, it is challenging firms to offer public customer service visible to the masses. This is one of Dr. Bacile's primary research areas. He presents some interesting challenges and opportunities for companies that are now forced to offer customer support via social media.


What is paid search marketing and is it right for your company? Dr. Bacile is Google AdWords certified in paid search marketing. He presents an introductory, yet somewhat detailed account of how firms can successfully use paid search marketing. Some advanced features and tools are discussed to help the novice become more comfortable in paid search best practices.

Organic / SEO

How does Google choose which sites to display on the first page of search results? If you are not paying for search ads, you may need a better understanding as to how your site can be found. Dr. Bacile has worked on search engine optimization (SEO) projects for several years and can describe, in close-to-plain English, how Google's algorithm chooses non-paid (i.e., organic) sites for the first page.

presentation for your event

Do you need an entertaining and knowledgable speaker to discuss a marketing-related topic with your audience at an upcoming event? Dr. Bacile can work with you to customize a presentation on several different marketing-related topics. Please contact him now via e-mail to discuss specifics and to arrange for a conference call with you.

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