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My name is Dr. Todd Bacile and I am a marketing professor at Loyola University New Orleans. Among the classes I teach are Electronic Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management, and Principles of Marketing. In addition to teaching, I also am an active researcher in various electronic marketing and services marketing topics, including, but not limited to, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online customer service issues, online complaining and service recovery, digital information products, innovative teaching methods, and the implications of a changing information economy that is shifting power away from firms to consumers.

Prior to working in academia, I spent several years working in different business and marketing functions related to the online world. My educational background is as follows: a doctoral degree in Marketing from Florida State University; a Master of Business Administration degree from Mississippi State University; and a B.S. degree in Management from Wayne State University .


In addition to course instruction and research, I also selectively choose to participate in consulting projects and professional speaking engagements within my areas of expertise. Please use this site to find out more about my research, teaching, and keynote speaking interests. Thank you for stopping by. ~Dr. B.

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